Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Job

What does


have in common with me?

Well, I can't fly,
 I don't do magic,
and I certainly don't tawk the tawk or walk the walk of Fran D.

So it doesn't look like much in common at all.
Except the job title.
I have a new job.

I will be little Sanford's
live in Nana Nanny for a while.

I'll be staying in Denver on the week days
and heading home to my Running Man on 
the weekends.

It will be a change for all of us.
 I'll have some deep reading to do.

There will be some adapting
What? You don't use these?

and a little give and take.

I'm glad I'm able to help out in this way.
I've been figuring how I will be 
quilting and sewing during those precious
nap times.

Sanford, are you listening...
Love those sleeping babies.

Hopefully, Nana won't be sleeping too.

Wish me luck!

Until Next Time-


  1. I am sure Mary Poppins had nothing on you! And doesn't he look sweet!

  2. I would be Mary Poppins, loved her! Good luck keep us up to date on your new job. I think you might be in Denver a long time, I hear you have more wonderful Daughter news!! Congrats.

  3. I think you are looking forward to taking care of the bundle of joy!

  4. What a sweet post - enjoy your nanny time!