Monday, January 30, 2012

Kyle's Cupcakes Continue On

I was a Girl Scout for many many years as a young girl.
And then I was scout leader as
my girls were growing up. 
That's a lot girl scout activities,
songs, badges, field trips, and of course, cookies.

I was a spokesman once for cookie sales..

This picture was in my local paper probably about 1958.
It's me as a Brownie with another junior scout publicizing the fact
that it was Girl Scout cookie time.

Well I don't organize cookie sales any more, 
but I do buy a few boxes each year. 
Everyone has their favorites, 
with thin mints being the most favorite 
followed by the Samosa, which are my personal favorites.

Now that I'm in Denver during the week
and I don't have my Stashbuster's club as my cupcake distribution center,
I am using both my daughter's lab and son-in-law's lab as the recipients of my baking. 
So in honor of the fact that the scouts in my area are taking cookie orders,
my Daughter and I made Samoa cupcakes. 
Sorry Stashbuster friends.

This cupcake has all the wonderful components of Somoas, 
milk chocolate, rich smooth caramel, 
and toasted coconut. Delicious and yummy.

If you're looking for the recipe check out Sweet Pea's Kitchen.

I'll be anxious what response I get from my cupcakes.
Should I get ready to take orders?
Maybe I'd better just keep with my current job
with frosting on the side.

Just an update on the cupcakes: 
24 cupcakes gone in 15 minutes
I'd say they were well received.
Until Next Time-


  1. Oh my, those look delicious. I'm one of the sad stashbuster friends.

  2. Those look wonderful---I can taste them through the internet. Wait a minute I do believe I have ever had one of your cupcakes :-(.

  3. I was never a Girl Scout but I was a Brownie leader and a Girl Scout leader. Only a year as a Girl Scout leader. I enjoyed it.

  4. I was a girl scout leader and a cookie mom - great memories!
    Good thing there's no calories in looking at the wonderful baking.
    Love your Roseville Album blocks - great fabric choices.

  5. I miss your cupcakes! Those look so yummy! Couldn't you mail me one in an envelope?