Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 11 Progress Project Plan

Sometimes you just need a gentle push 
or reminder about those quilt projects
that tend to accumulate in the depths of
our sewing areas.
It's like the monsters that can hide
under your bed.
It can become overwhelming and
down right scary thinking about what
can actually be hidden away.

This year the members of the Quiltie Buddies
have taken a stand.
It's time to conquer those monsters.

Each of us were to list 11 projects that 
we would like to make progress on.
Please note, I said progress, not completion.
The idea is to move the project along, or
decide if it's something you even want to finish,
or keep working on it to the end.
 No pressure from anyone.

Each month we will randomly draw a number
and see what project corresponds.
This month #9 was drawn.

For me this was a kit that I bought at a Quilt show two years ago.
You know how it is, enthusiasm, starting, and
then ...

I had gotten the pieces cut out and never got back to it, so
put them away.
Everything is still labeled and ready to be worked on.

I have figured out the reason why I put this little quilt away.
On the rare occasions that I buy a kit there is generally
one or two fabrics that I don't love and want
to change.
That's why I stopped.
I wanted to replace two fabrics and didn't
feel like rooting around in the stash.
I wanted simply to make the project.

It's interesting how something so small
to halt the whole project.

But now
I did root and I did replace.
I'm ready to start again.
I've been rejuvenated.
It's the perfect project to progress forward.
My friend, Terrie, over at
has her #9 laid out as well.
Look to see what she's up to.

This can only be a positive plan.
I'll keep you posted.
Until Next Time-


  1. That's a really beautiful quilt! It's going to be fun seeing it further along.

  2. I like the idea of drawing numbers assigned to different unfinished projects. I just received two Lori Smith patterns in the mail yesterday. Good size quilts with plenty of applique. She has wonderful designs.

  3. That is a neat idea just listing them and working towards some type of progress. The quilt is cute.