Friday, January 27, 2012

Out of the Swamp and Back Home

Last Saturday my Running Man was running his way 
through grasslands and swamps in southern Florida. 
He was particating in a 50 mile race. 
Another one of his fun weekend activities.

The race started at 6:00am (in the dark)and
he had 14.5 hours to run the course,
staying clear of creeping and slithering critters.

He started off strong and he and 3 other racers decided
that they would try to stay together as long as they could.
Ed carried some water, his Ensure,
and this horn for emergency purposes.

Kate was his crew, although she wasn't able to crew him along the trail.
So instead she waited, enjoying the sunshine and pretty scenery.

Based on some of his previous races, 
Ed planned on completing the course in about 10 hours.

So Kate settled in for a long day. Fortunately, she didn't hear
any horns sounding off in the direction of the swampy parts. 
 But these vultures were hoping for some fresh meat.

But still she waited. The day began to end.

With one last effort to get that running man to the finish
line, the sunset put on a brilliant show.

Darkness settled in and 
Kate found herself being attacked by Giant swamp mosquitoes.
She wanted to sound the horn for help!

Finally, after 13 hours and 24 minutes, 
of running through grass, 
splashing through water and
slopping through mud, the
Running man crossed the Finish line. 
 oh, wait, that was another ultra runner.

Here's Ed. He finished first in his class. M60+

He had a good race, said he even had fun, 
despite the fact that
both of his calves cramped up at the same time 
and he kept stumbling over cypress knees. 
He saw some gators
along the way, but none in his path. Thank goodness.

The only other problem 
was the race actually ended up being 55 miles instead of 50.
That's like another hour of running 
at the end of a very long day. 
Somebody needs to pay closer attention.

What's next?

North Carolina and the Umstead 100.

That's right another 100 mile race.
Easy peesey. Right!

Until Next Time-


  1. can you bottle up some of what gets Running Man through and sell it to me? Great job, Running Man!!

  2. your stories of Ed make me :-) !!!! Oh well everyone needs a hobby.

  3. Wow! Congratulations, Ed! Every once in a while I run to answer the phone, though I doubt I'm best in my age class . . .

  4. Maybe Ed could use his emergency horn on the geese at home. Rinda