Monday, January 16, 2012

January Quilt Show

Despite that fact that winter has been kind 
to us so far, 
it is the time of year that

One of my favorite types of quilts to make is
simply a two color quilt design.

"Crazy Flakes"
79" x 95"

I used just two fabrics for the snowflakes.
The black and white snowflake flannels made a striking contrast 
with each other.

This is a Buggy Barn pattern found
in their book Crazy Snow Days.

I have loved doing their pattern and their
systematic approach to shuffling the pieces.
I had just the right piece of flannel for the backing.
Can you see the snowmen peeking around my label?

That's the reason why we have a stash.
Because someday the perfect project with call
for it's use.
Who says snowmen fabric would even
be available when I needed it.
But there it would be in my stash, just waiting.
"One crazy flake with another."
Perfect for a cold day in January.

The other quilt is a table runner
from the pattern.
"Calendar Table Runners"
by Kim Schaefer
 "January Snowmen"

 (Sorry for the ugly looking snow)

It is a wonderful pattern if you like seasonal table runners.
All 12 months are included for $13.
That's a real bargain
They're a great pattern to use with your stash and
the appliques are done quickly with a fusible web.

With these runners, I pieced the top first, then fused the
applique pieces, basted the quilt together and then
let the buttonhole stitching I added around the appliques pieces be
the quilting as well.

In the case around the snowflakes I just
did some thread play with some
silver metallic thread.

The background was just filled in with swirls and squiggles,
like blowing snow.

I had this as store sample for quite awhile
and the pattern was very popular.

Let the snow come.
You'll find me safely tucked in my
work space having fun.
Enjoy your winter time too.

Until Next Time-


  1. I love, love, your snowflake quilt! And what a great model posing on it, too!!

  2. Love your Snow Flake quilt ! And yes we need SNOW

  3. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for your inquiry. But I don't sell my quilts. sorry.