Friday, December 30, 2011

Stolen Moments

Last week my house was full.  My family including
this new little guy.
Sanford, 5 weeks

Despite the fact that all of us were prepared to
take care of him...

I occasionally stole away to my sewing room for
a bit of fabric respite.

I have been slowly working on gathering, cutting,
and refolding fabrics for a scrappy red and white
Ocean Wave. 
This pattern is from Bonnie Hunter at
I decided to use only reds and white fabrics
so I have been rooting in my reds
cutting 2 inch strips

matching them up with white strips

topping it off with a Thangles strip,

and sewing them into half square triangles.

I'm going to use Bonnie Hunter's idea of  "Leaders and Enders" and
stitch these units together during the year as I work on 
other projects.

Did you notice back under the picture of Bonnie's quilt the number
of half square triangles required to make the 91"x 104" quilt?
2124 stitched pieces!

I probably wont' make it that big.  I'll just have to see
how far I get.  You never know.

So even though the family was here and there were lots of meals
to make and a baby to hold and Christmas to enjoy
I stole a few moments for me.

Happy New Year, friends!
May all your new projects bring you joy.
Until Next Time-


  1. That baby is BEAUTIFUL ! Love the burp pads on everyone,lol.
    I have often looked at Bonnie's Ocean Wave, but land sakes over 2000 plus tiny triangles... I'm dizzy.

  2. Happy New Year Kyle! The new year is going to prove to be different for a lot of us. Here's to stolen moments of happy stitching.

  3. Ah, what a precious new member of the family. Love the group photo too! LOL

    I remember being with Bonnie while she made that quilt. I was amazed...still am:)