Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Push Pause

Did you hear that?
Another day before Christmas just flew by.
It's time to push pause...
and enjoy the present.

How would I do that?
Have fun with friends.
Yesterday I headed off to one of the large malls
in the area with 2 girl friends.

We spent the whole day.
Did I have a lot to do at home? Yes, but,
it was a lovely present in the present.

Today new grandbaby, Sanford, is 
requesting his nana and grampa to come and play.
Do I still have a lot to do at home? Yes, but,
it's the best gift in the present.

I love to bake,
but sometimes the process can overwhelm the joy.
Push pause and enjoy only the present moment.
Santa Hat Brownies
I made these for a party.

Use brownie bites, pipe a circle of buttercream
frosting around the top, cut off the bottom of a strawberry,
and add a dot of buttercream on the top.

Do I still have other baking to do?  Yes, but,
this was fun, fast, easy in the present and
looked very cute at the party.

I can list all the things I still need to do before
the family shows up and the holiday officially begins.
But each day I'm going to remember to
and enjoy only the presence of the present.

Until Next Time-


  1. So true
    Will be trying the Santa Hats.

  2. I love the Push Pause thought. I think I'll be remembering to do that this next week before Christmas and thereafter.