Monday, April 30, 2012

The Quilt Sampler Magazine

 It's finally here! 
The spring issue of the Sampler Magazine
by American Patchwork and Quilting.

Why I am so excited?
Because the shop I work at for 18 years
was chosen to be one of the shops featured.

I had started the process of nominating 
The Fig Leaf and many of the loyal
customers added their comments to get the 
shop included.

The shop opened in 1982 and has
weathered the ups and downs of the quilting industry,
the economy and the whims and desires of quilters.
That's a great testimony of the shop and owner, the staff,
and the customers who have continued to call
the Fig Leaf their quilt shop of choice.

Take a look at the magazine and check 
out the shop.

The magazine doesn't include a staff picture anymore
so I have.  
 That's me in the red.

We had a great time getting the shop all spiffed up and 
looking it's best.

Several of the quilts that I sewed are included in the first photo.
Tah Dah!

They're not original patterns, but designed by Carrie Nelson,
Primitive Gatherings, and ?
One of the quilts that's highlighted used Kate Spain"s fabric, Good Fortune.
See it way in the back.

Congrats to the Fig Leaf for joining a list of
prestigious quilt shops.
If you're ever in the area stop by.
 Until Next Time-


  1. I'll have to look for it. I love reading about all the different shops.

  2. I haven't looked at the magazine yet!

  3. Yay for Fig Leaf! Yay for your quilts!

  4. WOW!!!!! How exciting for you and the Fig Leaf....looks like a shop that would be fun to visit.

    Happy May Day Kyle!


  5. Woohoo for you and Fig Leaf!! Congrats on such a fantastic feature! Eh how about a close up of that Good Fortune quilt? ;) Would love to see it!! The hanging quilt you made is absolutely beautiful! xo, kate

  6. Greetings and congratulations from Cotton & Chocolate. It's so cool to have your quilts in a magazine like this! Me, proud that our shop made it as well and even more that my wife's quilt made the cover! Best wishes to you. Sell lots of patterns and kits! Jerry

  7. how fun! I always love seeing what the new shops are like!
    cute staff photo too -