Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 11 Project Progress Plan

Another quilt meeting,
and another number was drawn as part of
the 11 Project Progress Plan.

This group is really motivated to clear
out or make progress on a few of their projects
 that had become stalled
for whatever reason.

Last month everyone worked on the
project that they had listed as #3.

Mine was this pincushion.
It had been a kit that I had bought
and never really got started.
 It was easy once I got going again.

I like to fill my pincushions with some fiberfill and
then crushed walnut shells.
I think the combo gives weight and form to the pincushion without
becoming too heavy.

Now it's done.
And off the list.

This month the number drawn was 11.
 It's another unfinished wool project.

I don't know why so many wool projects seem to 
be on my UFO list.
I love working with wool.
 This is a Crabapple Hill pattern
for a really cute sewing kit.
Several of my friends and myself were all working on this at the same time.
 They got theirs done.

One of the ways to help eliminate some of the UFO's
on my list,
 is for me to ask the question,
 "Do I want to continue with the entire project."

In this case, I decided that the needle
case would be perfect enough.
It has all the elements I like,
embroidery, trims, beads, and buttons.
And besides it's almost done.

30 days to complete this.
Seems reasonable.

Until Next Time-


  1. Did you have eleven UFO projects because I could send you a couple of mine to finish? I wouldn't want you to run out!

  2. Love the soft! Looking forward to your finish.

    :) Carolyn

  3. Very pretty pin cushion.
    Love the white wool too - Perfect color and embroidery for spring. The little beads are like dew drops.

  4. I love the little wool projects - they seem so "little", "quick", "satisfying". And then sometimes they aren't so "quick". This one is very pretty and in the end useful!