Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's My Party

Quilting is simply a matter of sewing together 
a gazillion small pieces of fabric 
cut out in a variety of shapes.

Invariably, not every piece every time is going
to cooperate and fit together perfectly. 

  When I'm working on a project,
I try and work as carefully as I can.
It sure helps to eliminate stress and frustration.

I've been happily working on quilts for
almost 40 years, so I'd like to think
I've acquired a high level of skill sets.

We all know there are "sewing days" and 
"non sewing  days".  
And I've learned when things aren't going as
smoothly as I want it, might be time to stop, step back, and
try again another day.

But I also have learned I have a certain 
personal degree of perfection.

It's the standard I have picked for myself.
It's what works for me.
My standards may be higher or lower than another quilter.

 I love what I do.
 I always strive and challenge myself to  do my best work.
Sometimes I even solicit  "Jack the Ripper" when something
isn't working out right.
Jack gets to help out just a couple times in a tricky situation
 and then that's it.  
I move on.

It doesn't matter.

Pick your degree of perfection.
But most of all, 
enjoy the process.

 Until Next Time-


  1. I find that as I get older, I don't piece as well as I did previously. I have a friend that says the same thing about her piecing. Sometimes, I think it may be because I spend so much time doing applique now. Or maybe my eyesight isn't as good.
    You have made quilts for a long, long time. I wish I had started earlier.

  2. Words of wisdom for all quiters

  3. I think these words can apply to all areas of life! But in terms of quilting - if all else fails, quilt the heck out of it and you'll never notice a thing!