Monday, April 16, 2012

I Have A Surprise to Spring On You

When I began blogging
it was a strictly a challenge I put to myself.
Could I find enough topics to write about?

Mostly, I just wanted to see if I could do it.
What my blog has become is a creative outlet and an expression
of the many things I enjoy in life.

It's an account of 
what happens to me,
 my family and friends,
and my love and passion for quiltmaking.
 a few cupcake recipes,
stories of Running Man,
and some photos mixed in.
Surprisingly, that's added up to quite a few stories.
It has been fun sharing all of this with others.

I'm not associated with any companies,
or affiliated with any products
it's just me sharing a few little things each week.
But to my amazement I have written 400 posts.

                     I do appreciate it when a reader or two takes                       
 the time to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

So to thank you
I have a surprise to SPRING on you.
I'd like to share a gift for one lucky reader and blogging friend.
It's my #3 pincushion that I just finished from
my UFO list.

It's perfect for spring...birds, baskets and flowers.

Just leave me a comment, on this post.
Tell me what's your favorite pincushion or share
how many pincushions you have.

If you are a no reply commenter, please leave an email address
so I can contact you if you win.:-)

 My little give away will run
through Saturday, April  21 when I'll draw the
lucky number Sunday morning..

Thanks again for letting me part of your day
and good luck!
 Until Next Time-


  1. What a lovely and kind giveaway! Isn't it fun to make things and then give them away?

    As to my pincushions - I have 11, only one of which did I make which is a toadstool house. I have one that was made by a friend that is machine embroidered, one made by a friend that was quilted, one given to me by a customer that has an antique ceramic pie breather in the middle, and one I custom ordered from England that is a little wool watering can embroidered to look like a house. And one more that came from Hong Kong.

    So do you have a collection?

  2. I have too many pincushions to count, I'm actually afraid to count how many I have. The majority are hand made by me or some friends we used to call the WWCP!!

    1. I had forgotten about the WWCP, but I can't remember what it stood for!

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  3. I like my rooster pincusion but I like my hat pincusion the best. Both were made by Margaret McCormick. I'd definitely like to be entered in the drawing.

    Barbara Spahr

  4. I think I have one of your oldest pincushions (velvet and very retro looking :)...I remember sticking pins in it when we were little and now I have it! I may not use it much, but it reminds me of you :)

  5. Since I only have 1 and it is winter themed (a snowman) I can always use something pretty and springy at my house!! ~Elizabeth

  6. Congratulations on 400 posts!! Unfortunately I cannot pick a favorite pin cushion. Most of them were given to me by friends and I find them all so dear and precious. I'd love to add yours to my collection- which I use!!

  7. Didn't WWCP stand for Women Who Collect Pincushions?
    Oh Kyle, I have many lovely pincushions, most of them made by me or by dear friends. I also have fun memories to go along with those pincushions.

    1. I enjoyed the pictures of some of your pincushions, many of which I also have! They all bring such fond memories of the friends that made them or the fun of making them myself. We miss you last night.

  8. Wow you've made so many lovely pincushions over the years. I enjoyed the pictures you posted. Thanks for sharing your pincushions with us.

  9. You have a great blog - it is a treat to read.
    My fave pin cushion is a bottle cap ring style - I wear it on my thumb. It is all embellished so pretty as well as functional. I will also confess to a little pin cushion 'addiction'...but they are so useful ;-)

  10. What a lovely giveaway and how nice that it' something from you.
    I always enjoy visiting here, thanks for sharing your quilting and life with us.
    I can't name a favorite, because so many are from friends and handmade. love them all and would LOVE to add your beautiful one to my collection!

  11. I also have a pincushion collection, but it's not nearly as large as yours! I'd love to add this one to my group - I'm also a rug hooker so I love wooly stuff!

  12. I have several pincushions, my favorite is a heart shape patchwork filled with walnut shells. Rinda

  13. WWCP - Women Who Collect Pincushions

  14. A bird and a basket done in wool. How cute! I haven't known you for all of those 400 posts but have enjoyed getting to know you.