Friday, April 13, 2012

Total Dominance

You hear people say, "I'm in the zone" or
"I'm on a roll".

It's really when you're in such absolute concentration
that whatever you're doing is completely effortless.
Nothing else seems to matter.
You're totally focused.

I'm not an athlete so I'm
not making reference to a having my
mind and body being in complete synch so
that I'm performing some phenomenal  athletic feat.
You know, like Running Man, taking his first step,
and staying so focused so that he doesn't stop for 100 miles.
No, not like that.

But the other day I sat down to work
on a Just Take Two block and started hand piecing.  

It took a few moment to get my rhythm going,
to get totally focused,
and to get one with the thread and fabric.
I love to hand piece.

It felt great.
Suddenly nothing else seemed to matter,
I was relaxed,
and I was in total dominance in what I was doing.
My needle and thread and hands were working in perfect harmony.

I was mastering one of the hardest blocks
I've ever pieced in my 40 years of quilting.

I was in the "groove".

Until Next Time-


  1. Best block, ever! Come dance with me at the store today!

  2. whoa - hand piecing is not for the faint of heart. Did it once on a whole quilt - once was enough. Good for you!

  3. I'm glad Sanford let you get in the groove!

  4. That does look like a hard block and a good finish that you accomplished. I have done some hand piecing but find it a bit slow for my taste. But the only way to go on some blocks.

  5. You dominated that block for sure! it's beautiful!!

  6. great job!! your points looks awesome, i'd be doing a happy dance too