Monday, April 9, 2012

Annual Raking Day

Along with the Easter holiday
 our family has attached another annual event.
I just love family traditions.
We call it "Annual Raking Day."
 What it is in reality is getting our daughters and
sons in laws to help us rake the yard.
We'd hate to have anyone miss out on so much fun.

Everyone has their own rake and work gloves.
Could anyone want more?
My sister and me

And besides lunch and lodging is provided.

Our crew was a bit diminished this year:
2 kids in Florida,
one son in law working,
one daughter expecting,
and one grandson too little.

It just meant everyone had to do just a little bit more.


You know the saying,
"Many hands make light work."
 Running Man seems to be hauling quite a bit.

We did get some help from some dear deer, who thought
 my tulips could use a little pruning!

Next year hopefully more of our team will be 
present and accounted for.
And our tradition will continue to
be a special family time.
Treasure those moments.

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh those poor tulips...but you got to watch a beautiful deer instead. lucky you!

  2. You raked - we cleaned the garage :(. Not a tradition I want to start.

  3. your American Gothic pose is great! you both looked thrilled, not.