Wednesday, April 4, 2012

He's Got a New Belt Buckle

This past weekend while I did some sewing,
watched a couple of movies,
visited with friends,
and ran errands,
Running Man was doing his 100 mile endurance run
in North Carolina.

While I slowly got up on Saturday morning,
he had already been running 3 hours.

While I ate dinner Saturday night, he
had already been running 15 hours.

When is was bedtime,
he had been moving for 19 hours
and had run almost the equivalent to 3 marathons.

It was the hard part now.
It was dark, he was very tired,
his hip was bothering him,
he still had more than a marathon race to run.

Fortunately, his brother was there as the crew
and to give him motivation and moral support.
You would think he would be starving while doing this.
He usually drinks only Ensure and water and eats only
couple of carbo gels.
But it looks like he added a half a banana!

Finally, after 28 hours and 17 minutes,and 40 seconds
Running Man crossed the finish line.
(They didn't even take a picture at the end. I
think they were both exhausted.)

He was tired,
pretty stiff,
but excited at his accomplishment.

The big question:
Is he done?
Is this the "Let's cross this off my bucket list?"
Probably Not.

Until Next Time-


  1. You know a runner? There's always more finish lines to cross!
    Congrats to your hubby. He is in a very small group of the population that can accomplish this!!

  2. Congrats to Ed. I doubt he is finished, their is always one more race one more hill to climb. I think Ed is just a runner like you are a quilter, it is in the blood. I admire you for waiting at home, Ed must of been on your mind 100% of the time. That can be harder than running the race!

  3. Stamina - boy has he got it!

  4. I would have been dead in the first few minutes. What a feat!

  5. He won't stop as long as he is getting those belt buckles!!

  6. Has he always run? My DS is a runner and always was - even in rep-school he would run laps in the cul-de-sac...
    He bikes too...300 miles last weekend. I only think about running ;-) while sewing...

  7. Amazing and congratulations to him!
    My old blog partner, mary's husband has done this race several times and mary has been there as crew.
    It is increcible - 100 miles - good for him~