Friday, January 11, 2013

Clean Up Time is Done

 It's taken some time,
and taken some decision making but,
when I open my sewing room door
I get a wonderful surprise!

A functional space

ready for a new year of

SUPER fun!

I have this plaque as a reminder.

My daughter's kindergarten class
has a clean up song 
 that they sing at the end of the day.
 "Clean up, clean up,
Everyone, Let's clean up"

I'm thinking that maybe I should 
sing that song,
"Clean up, clean up,
Kyle, you'd better clean up.
You don't want to do this again."

Until maybe next year.
Until Next Time-


  1. Gorgeous space beckons you!! A clean space seems to invite creativity. and play!!

  2. Oh, that does look welcoming! Apparently, I can't clean and create at the same time. They are two different parts of my brain. When I create, I make a mess. When I come out of that daze, I look around and go, "Whoa!"

  3. Are you back home for a while?

  4. Love all your baskets. Your sewing space looks like a fabulous place to be. Wonderful sign ;-)

  5. Oh I just love the plaque!!
    Your space looks so bright and happy. Perfect for creative work.