Friday, January 25, 2013


 Life consists of many chapters.
Each chapter can tell a story of 
love, drama, or comedy.

It's been a year since
I started the chapter of my life
affectionately known as Nana.

Or "Nanny Nana".

Many of you know that I am away from 
my home and Running Man during the week
and spend time making memories and helping out
 two of my daughters and 
these two special people 5 days a week.

Before I embarked on this commitment,
there were many considerations 
that were thought about and debated.
It's been a remarkable journey,
for all of us.
(Thank you, son in laws).

Everdeen and Sanford have become
an important part of my daily life.

This extra time for them to be able to be at home,
spending time together as cousins, learning and growing,

and playing with Nana
  has been a valuable opportunity.

My stint continues until the end of May.
 Then I'll  close this particular chapter and 
start another,

but until then
the 3 of us will continue to 
hang out together.

Until Next Time-


  1. I worked when my oldest grand-daughter was young and could not do what you are doing. And for the second one, we lived too far away. I think kids don't get sick as often if they are at home instead of in day care. Gee, what will you do with yourself when your days are not so filled?

  2. What a great Nana you are! And those photos are just wonderful.

  3. I can only imagine how thankful your children are to have you spending quality time with these cute little bugs - you'll never regret having influenced them in their early years, and watching how fast they learn and change!

  4. lucky you and what a wonderful gift you gave them and your DD's

  5. they are the sweetest! I love the first photo ;)

  6. That's so sweet - and how lucky you all are ;-)
    I enjoy how you savor the time and share with us!

  7. Everdeen is the luckiest little girl to get to spend so much time with her Nana and I am the luckiest daughter to have such an amazing mom to give us such an incredible gift!

  8. what a gift you have given your family and yourself.
    Sweet photos!!