Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Plaids

 There's a distinct relationship
between winter and plaids.
All those plaid flannel shirts come out of the closet.
They're warm, comfortable and familiar.

Many quilters are currently having fun working with plaid fabrics
Plaids have cycled around again,
 but these gals are finding treasures
 on clothing hangers
by taking older clothing and repurposing it.

When Roberta Horton first started to 
bring plaids into the quilter's market place,
I became a fan.

Some quilters wrestle with the black arrow syndrome 
when working with plaid fabric.

What is that?
It's the flashback from laying a garment pattern 
on plaid fabric and 
 trying to keep it straight on the grain.

It doesn't matter,
Being slightly off grain adds character.

In 1996, a group of friends,
each started on their own plaid quilt using the Bear Paw pattern.

We exchanged half square triangle pieces.
Any combo was okay.

Every piece in the quilt is a plaid, from the blocks, lattice, borders, backing and
the scrappy binding.

I hand quilted it with an overall grid.

The backing was pieced with several leftovers and
with appliqued bear paws for special effect!

  I'm always glad when I include a label as a 
reminder of the story 
of my slightly off grained friends.

So if you're tired of some of your winter plaid shirts,
get some scissors and start a new project.
Repurpose, recycle, redo.

Until Next Time-


  1. I have been a fan of plaids and stripes for a long time. They have become harder to find in quilt shops.

  2. I love, love, love your amazing bear paw quilt!! What a wonderful job you did on it...your quilting is great!! I recently organized my plaid shirts for quilts...have > 20 of them!

  3. Another beautiful quilt you've made! I think Confetti Quilts by Mary and Roberta is one of my faves ;-)
    Your quilt sparkles.

  4. I remember when Roberta Horton had us all buying plaids! I made up a shoo-fly that was on my bed for years. I still (of course) have a stack of left overs. Your bear paw is gorgeous. And I love your creative backs.

  5. Your quilt is so much fun! My Roberta fabrics are still stacked together separately. They are lovely to work with.

  6. Very nice.. I always like plaids in quilts but never seem to use them

  7. Love your plaid quilt! I took a plaid workshop with Roberta in the 1990s too. I agree, off grain is good with me.

  8. Wow.... this is my kind of quilt, i've been "reminding" my DH about the multitude of shirts he has - that he never uses...... so when i see quilts like this.... i make sure to show him........ he

    Very Beautiful. I love it!!!

  9. I took this class from you many years ago and it has always been my favorite quilt! Recently it disappeared from my house so I am looking to make another one. Maybe this time I will get all the paws facing in the right direction-LOL. Thanks for all your inspiration and wonderful teaching skills. Norrene