Monday, January 21, 2013


There are only 9 months left
before the arrival of fall and

That might sound like a rather bazarre
statement in January, but to those
of us who quilt and are working
on a seasonal project, that
shouts, "Deadline" and
"You'd Better Get A Move On."

So that's what I've been working on
during that weekends when I'm home.

Drawing lines for the construction of
Flying Geese Units.

Assembly line stitching

and finally constructing
one of my favorite blocks,

a Sawtooth Star.

The design is just one of those blocks
that's always popular and easy to make.
It's a star pattern without worrying about
8 points coming together in the center

Although I only needed 22 random scrappy blocks
I really made 30.

That gave me plenty of options when
it came time to lay out the blocks.

These preprinted plastic tags by Quilt Dance
make a great lay out system for quilt blocks,
especially because I don't have a design wall space to use.

It's easy to get confused when I pick up a stack of blocks
off the floor and start sewing.
Trust me!
I've also used masking tape, scraps of paper pinned on, and
sticky notes that don't really stay on.

Here's the center.
The borders are next.
 Pumpkins and Black Cats
may seem far off,
but at this pace I'll be ready
with Blackbird's pattern,
Midnight Silhouette.

Until Next Time-


  1. I've always admired that pattern. Love your fabrci!!

  2. Wow - you're really ahead of the game! Fun quilt - the stars are lovely combinations of color.

  3. I love your fabric choices. This is just beautiful!