Monday, January 7, 2013

I Plan to do What?

When I taught elementary school,
back in another life,
I would have to set goals and expectations for my students.
But it wasn't enough to say,
" A student will learn to read"
I had to plan specific activities so that
eventually they would learn to read on their own.

We do this everyday.
We ask ourselves questions,
"What should I make for dinner?"
Answer: "Something good."
So to get that "something good" on the table,
there are lots of other steps that are
thought about and executed before dinner is ready.

Although, I know many of us would love

to just wiggle our noses and have it magically appear.

If I want to have a SUPER quilting year,
I need to figure out what my goals or Expectations are and 
then Plan how I'm going to:
 work on all those projects,
finish some,
be creative,
 explore new ideas
learn some new techniques
but most of all have fun.

Okay, we know the drill.
We've all read self-help books and articles,
watched Oprah,  and
pinned inspirational  pictures and saying from Pinterest.

But the most important thing right now
is to just get moving and enjoy the journey.

Until Next time-


  1. I think that hopskotch is about all I can handle today. Or maybe all I want to handle.

  2. The process is more important than the product, but it's fun to have something to show and tell about! That is a great quote, btw.