Friday, November 18, 2011

A Wild Hare

This weekend I am outside of Austin, Texas 
watching for, crewing for, encouraging,
my running man.

(Ed at the Horsetooth Half Marathon)

This run is a 50 mile trail run.
Much better than the 100 mile runs he's done in the past, especially
for the crew.
But it's still 50 miles none the less.

The weather report is good.
The time limit is from 6 am to 8 pm.
There are no mountains to climb.
No aches or pains.
Fingers are crossed.

When he crosses the finish line,

 this will be waiting for him.

 I would need to have this
waiting for me.

We all have different things that motivate us.
In reality, there really isn't anything that would 
motivate me to run 50 miles.
But I'm proud of my running man.
He's like the energizer bunny, that keeps going and going.
He's a winner.

Until Next Time-


  1. Go, Ed! (And not even for that cake would I run 50 miles. Though I would definitely eat the cake without running 50 miles -- which is demonstrably its own problem).

  2. I'm with Terrie, I love chocolate but not enough to run for it. Good luck Ed and crew!

  3. Ditto as to Terry and Julie's comments! Good luck Ed--- he looks positive!


  4. Good Luck to Ed and you Kyle. Remember no cake till the race is over.
    I too would not run for anything except maybe my life, definitely not medals and/ or cake. Enjoy the nice weather in Texas

  5. That is awesome! have a wonderful weekend!!