Friday, November 25, 2011

Enticed, but Not Too Much

This morning I sat looking at the monster sized newspaper
that arrived on my front porch.
 I have worked on the Friday after Thanksgiving for many years.
Now that I'm retired,
it's my first opportunity to join the throngs of people 
shopping and doing more shopping.
Should I or Shouldn't I?
That is the question.

I admit, I have been enticed by a few ads,
but they are actually from some local businesses.
 So I think I will do my part for the economy,
shop at a few local stores,
and then probably come home and swear
"I will never do that again".

When I do get home I have some machine quilting
waiting for me.
I am working on my Snowbound quilt, last years
free block of the month from Bunny Hill.

I'm using the Golden Threads paper
to machine quilt snowflakes.

Trying to decide what is the best method for marking a quilt
can always be a challenge.
I opted for this method for several reasons.

I didn't want to mark with some kind of pencil  that would need to be removed
because I'm not washing this quilt.

I didn't have a stencil to pounce the pattern and the
fabrics are all pretty light so it might not have shown up.

I didn't want to free form all those snowflakes, so
drawing the pattern on the paper seemed the best option for this quilt.

Yes, I have to tear away the paper, but after watching a
movie or two it will be done and
I'll be happy with the results.

Enjoy your long holiday weekend.
The busy time of the year is just around the corner.

Until Next Time-


  1. I agree the shopping thing is way over rated!!! The Snowbound quilt looks great and your using Paper to mark and not directly on the quilt
    is a sound decision. Have fun today.

  2. I love the Snowbound pattern - wish I had the to marking, try the Marvy Markers (in purple). They are air-erase so you would have to mark one snowflake at a time and then quilt it because the marking only lasts a couple of days depending on humidity. I love them and have used them for years! An no tearing away the paper or having it shift.