Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keeping it Fresh

Whatever  your creative outlet is, 
it is the process of creating something new
out of the resources that you have.
It's taking  raw materials and making something else
that's of
value, enjoyment, or beauty.

In quiltmaking,
it's taking pieces of fabric,
  combining it with other fabric, 
doing some designing, cutting, sewing 
(tah dah)
you have an original masterpiece.

The same is true with leftover Turkey.
  You have to become a creative genius to take the last
of the Thanksgiving turkey combine
it with other interesting ingredients and 
serve it as a delicious meal.

I have to admit that I am a virgin turkey leftover user.
By that, I mean, this is the first year in 37 years of marriage,
that I have actually cooked a turkey on Thanksgiving.
I have not collected a recipe file of what to do
with the leftover parts of "the bird".
I have googled, looked through endless cookbooks,
and finally found this great recipe for

 Chipotle-Seasoned Turkey Enchiladas
Bon Appetit, 
fast easy fresh cookbook.

The recipe can be found here if you're interested.
It's a great example of taking the basics
and creating some new and fresh
out of something you already have.

Making do and using it up is to
celebrate the end of the turkey!

Until Next Time-


  1. great quilt, Kyle, and yummy looking leftovers!!

  2. The dinner looks oh so good, will have to try this recipe. How is the new baby? And being a grandma?
    Your quilt is very cute like the colors.