Monday, November 14, 2011

Broccoli or Cupcake

I admit I have a sweet tooth.
Maybe more like sweet teeth.

If you were placed in a room with a plate of broccoli
or a
which one would you choose?

Would it make a difference if other people were there
or if you were alone?

I admit if other people were with me I would probably
choose the broccoli, only for appearance sake,
and then have the cupcake for dessert.

If I were alone I would definitely only choose the cupcake!

Ed would say, "Isn't that broccoli a beautiful color 
and so healthy."
He would probably ignore the cupcake,
That verges on just plain weird.

I baked my last set of cupcakes for the
Stashbuster's Club last week.

I had to decide how I was going to end this,
something healthy with a vegetable included
(Carrot Cake, zucchini, pumpkin)
or something decadent and over the top.

Really there wasn't a choice.  I wanted something
loud, obnoxious and over stuffed, broccoli not included.

I made Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cupcakes.
This was one serious cupcake.
It started with a chocolate cupcake with toffee bits mixed inside,
topped with a ring of ganache coated with more toffee bits,
and finished off with a caramel Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

Ed did indulge in one before I took them to the shop.
His comment, " This one was your best".

I think that says, "Remember Me"!
Until Next Time-


  1. Cupcake!!! First and every time!!

  2. No question-cupcake. You went out with a bang, wish I could have tasted one of those babies!!

  3. I am a stashbuster, I had one of these cupcakes, and I agree with Ed. I nominate you Queen Cupcake.

  4. Cupcake made by you of course.!!!!!
    How does you first week feel free as a bird?

  5. Cupcake! Cupcake! My gosh, those were good looking cupcakes!!!

  6. Oh my - you should have called me to tell me you were going to be bringing those! I would have dropped whatever I was doing - forget the fabric, give me the cupcake!