Monday, November 28, 2011

Transition Week

I always think of the week after Thanksgiving 
as the transition week into the Christmas holidays.

It's time to put fall away, use up the turkey leftovers,
and try to finish up a project or two before
the holiday is truly upon me.

Sometimes I need to be inspired by what other quilters are doing
Lori, over at Humble Quilts,
has reminded me of my usual manta,
"Just a Hoop a Day".

I have had several projects lingering in the shadows and 
I really want to get them done.

Project One is my Antique Ocean Wave, 
it's been an ongoing project.

I'm so close to finishing the handquilting.

I need to settle down, get my fingers calloused once again,
"Just A Hoop A Day"

In the same way, Project Two needs to be finished being machine quilted.
You can see the paper on the snowflakes waiting to be
torn away. 
It may not be "a hoop a day", but "a section a day" would do the trick.

The approach is the same, accomplishing small realistic goals.
 These small mini steps, along with some holiday music,
should motivate me into finishing these two quilts.

This transition  week will be perfect opportunity
to work on two procrastinated projects with renewed energy.

Then I can tackle the decorating,
baking, gift wrapping, shopping,...
of the holidays. 
Until Next Time-


  1. Ugh, the time goes by quickly. Your quilt looks wonderful!

  2. It works! And I agree right now it is nice to set aside a little time just for you. The ocean waves is a real beauty!!

  3. Your ocean wave is beautiful ! I should try a hoop a day to get some hand quilting done.

  4. Lovely quilting on both quilts. The ocean waves is one of my favorite patterns. I am here to encourage you on so that we can see the finished piece. Have you had any trouble with the strength of the old fabrics? Just curious because I have hand quilted vintage tops, and occasionally had fabrics tend to split when quilted on the bias.