Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Inspiration

It's fun to look into your quilt cupboard
and see where you have been in your quilt life 
and rediscover why you decided to make a certain pattern.

I loved the patterns designed by Red Wagon in
the early 1990's.

The book Red Wagon Originals by
Gerry Kimmel and Linda Brannock
 influenced me into making several quilts.

I loved this quilt.
"Lone Cabin"

I loved digging into my stash and finding the right
plaid or stripe to create this solitude cabin.
I loved everything folk art style.
I could picture my family cabin someday tucked
into the foothills of Colorado.
(I'm still waiting)
 Of course, when this quilt was made, I hand quilted everything.
I taught this quilt several times and
everyone loved it as well, having fun personally interpreting the design.

Another quilt from the same book was this one.
"North Woods"

I grew up in Michigan and each summer my family
would take a vacation up north.
Not that we stayed in a log cabin or saw bears or
even Indians in canoes, but it reminded me of
 those vacation and shopping in the Indian souvenir shops!

I taught this quilt a couple of times as well.
The challenge was the applique.   
Each tree group were all cut from one piece fabric, cut like a snowflake, 
folded and cut and then stitched.

Don't you love those pine trees?
How about these?
These trees were really a challenge keeping everything straight.
(It's just the picture that's crooked)
We didn't do fusible applique, but did needle turn.

The label is a part of every quilt as well.

The last one I want to share is a pattern by Bareroots.
I don't have this quilt, but gave it to my dearest friend, Janet.

There were several years where I was extremely thankful for
her love and friendship. 
So this quilt expressed my sentiments perfectly.

While I sat with my dad back in Northville, Michigan for many hours, I
was able to embroidery and think
about the many blessings in my life.

Janet and I have have been friends for many many years.
Here we are getting ready for a trip on the 
Bob-Lo Boat down the Detroit River 
to Bob-Lo Island and the amusement park.
(Maybe 1953 or 1954?)

There are many reason why we make a particular quilt.
For me that includes memories, friendship,
surroundings, fabric stashes, styles and wishes.

Whatever the reason, the love of quilting continues.
Until Next Time-


  1. I love your "cabiny" quilts. And I, like you, am still waiting for my cabin to come along...

  2. I love your "cabiny" quilts. And I, like you, am still waiting for my cabin to come along.

  3. I think when you get your cabin you should make sure it's big enough to host quilting retreats for your kindred spirits. Just saying'. Love the pictures of your quilts and your friend!

  4. How nice to have such a life long friend.
    What fun quilts too. I've always loved Red wagon quilts!!

  5. I made "The Lone Cabin" quilt. Mine is in the brown range. I love all the blues in yours. And I have wanted to make the one with the Indians in the canoes for years. I have almost all of The Red Wagon books. They are good!