Monday, July 11, 2011

What's Hot in July?

July is all about red, white and blue.
 We eat it, wear it, decorate with it, and
 are proud of what it represents.

When it comes to my quilt collection,
patriotic quilts almost jump out of my quilt cupboard
when this month pops up on the calendar.
 These quilts are small and all made with wool.
They fit perfectly in my glass display coffee table,
making a great patriotic display

What's fun is all the different ways the flag
can be represented.
Appliqueing with wool is quick and easy, and
 is a wonderful medium for a folk art design.
Snow in July?

Well, it can happen in the mountains of Colorado.
One of our summer family's vacations in Vail combined
4th of July fireworks and snowflakes.

When my family was younger, one of our July traditions 
was to include a small snowball snowman made
from the last snow of the season,
 placed in the freezer, and then included as
part of the holiday table decorations.
He looks a little pitiful, but was happy
to be part of the holiday.
Needless to say, Mr. Snowman didn't
last very long.

July can be a hot month, but
enjoy the summer.
Work on a special project,
visit someplace new,
or just relax.

Until Next Time-


  1. That was a fun tradition...I think it will have to continue when there are grandchildren

  2. You're right. Old family traditions will have to resurrected.