Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our "Running Man" did an excellent job.

Love the mug shot

I hated the fact that I wasn't here, but 
loved the fact that we could follow the race
as they posted times as each runner stopped at 
stations along the race.

When I last left him and headed to bed
"Running Man"  had done 63 miles.

When I woke up, I had this email.

"Missed the time cut off at mile 74 by 10 minutes. 
I was feeling strong 
but lost time because of foot and stomach issues. 
Once I got to feeling better I was making good time, 
but couldn't catch up on the time I lost."

Yea! for his great job!
We're so proud of him,


we'll  hold our breath to see if 
another race is in OUR future!

Until Next Time-


  1. Jeff and I were following Ed on the web as well -- we wondered if he was having feet trouble when we saw his time slow down. But stomach issues too? Poor Ed! But what an achievement -- he ran nearly three marathons in one day, with foot trouble and an upset stomach! Wow!! You go, Ed!

  2. We could tell by his times too that something was going on. But he did great. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement.

  3. As Maxwell Smart says, "Missed it by that much", but what a great achievement. You know he will have to do it again!!