Friday, July 22, 2011

A Stranger To The Rescue

Sometimes, the way the world seems to be heading,
you loose faith in the kindness of strangers.
Everyone seems to be only thinking of themselves,  
hurrying here and there,
and paying no attention to those in need around them.

Until the other day.

This is a true story.
Only the name has been changed to protect my dear friend.

Do you ever get a craving so strong that you can't think
of anything else?
This is what happened to my friend, Gladys.
She was at the grocery store and suddenly,
all she could think about was potato chips.
She was craving something crispy and salty.
Now was it  hormonal, the heat index, or
some other physical excuse?  We don't know for sure,
but it doesn't matter.

She was in need.

She purchased her items, including a large bag of chips.
No, she wasn't even going for the small snack size.
She was in crisis mode.

Groceries were tossed into the car, but the
bag of chips was singled out.

Even despite the heat in the now roasting car,
Gladys wanted some chips.
Gabbing the bag, she attempted to open it.

What was this bag made out of anyway?
Why was it being so stubborn?
Didn't it know there was a desperate woman about to go crazy
from the lack of salt?
Was this bag being controlled by some nutritionist
at the American Medical Association?

Poor Gladys was loosing it and, literally, couldn't
get a grip.
In frustration, she tossed the bag into the passenger side of the front seat
and started the engine.

She glanced up at this point and saw a man standing in front of the
car looking at her.
He motioned her to roll down her window.
"What could he want," thought Gladys,
"Has he lost his car or in need of directions?"

She politely lowered her window and
said,"Hello, may I help you?"

"No," said the man, " May I help you open
your bag of chips?"

"Why, yes you can," said Gladys, feeling a sense of relief as
she handed him the blasted bag of chips.

The man very calmly took out his pocket knife and
slit open the impenetrable bag.

"Here you go," said the man, handing her back the chips.
"You have a good day."

"Why, thank you. I will," said Gladys.
"And you too"

With that the man turned and walked away whistling.
Gladys sighed in relief as she popped a potato chip into her mouth
and smiled.

Life has a way of working itself out.
A stranger can show up completely unexpected
and set things right.
My friend, Gladys, would like to thank that caring
man who saw a need and helped her out.
"He must have a wife", said Gladys, " and have seen
this kind of frenzied behavior before."

Until Next Time-


  1. Glady's story makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it!!

  2. I love your friend's name! It fits her personality perfectly.

  3. Very funny ! Is Gladys by chance Miss B. ? I can see her in this situation.

  4. Miss B? She does make you smile!