Friday, July 15, 2011

Cast Calling

Finding the perfect fabric for a project
is like a cast calling for a theatrical production.

 "Pick me, pick me."
"I'm the best."

All the perspective candidates line up for inspection.

Then there's the audition,
where you make comparisons.

 Is this red the right one?
Or this red?

Both work individually, but how do they work 
with the rest of the cast.

 Choice A?
Which one will add to the whole quilt
not just maintain the expected "red" flower.

Choice B?

B had been my original pick.  As I appliqued on my
block, I began to have second thoughts. 

Cast call.
Make a decision.

I'm going with my original pick, Choice B.
You may or may not agree, but that's the beauty of 
making a quilt.  Whatever the quilter likes
is the right choice.

Another audition.
 I needed to add a narrow border to bring out 
the colors in the main part of the quilt.
Did I like the soft peach batik or

or the more vibrant rose color?

Which one worked best with all the other colors?
Sometimes I can't decide right away. I'll have to walk
away for awhile, think and then review it again. 
 Do I want the pink in the quilt to stand out more or the peach?

I chose the peach.

I always marvel at the people who come into the store
and believe they can choose fabrics for a quilt in 10 minutes.
Where's the cast calling and auditions?
They're missing the fun part.

Have a great weekend-

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