Friday, July 29, 2011

He's On His Way and Other Ramblings

My "running man" left yesterday for Cleveland
The Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Race.
Temperature in Cleveland: 87 degrees
Humidity: 70%

His number is 150.
That's a winning number, don't you agree?

His mind is focused,

his legs are strong
And his heart is full of determination.

I'm hoping for a "burn notice" after about 27 hours.
That would technically be a notice to say
"I'm over the finish line and "burned up" the course."

Wish I was going to be there to see him accomplish his goal.
I'll keep you posted.
Think good thoughts.

Quilt-wise, it's still July, so it's legal to
 continue working on my patriotic quilt, "Flying Free."

 I'm further than this picture of just pieces.
One good movie and I'll have the binding done.

I just got my "Beach Folly" quilt back from the quilter.
More binding to do.

Kathy is always so sweet when she says she enjoys quilting my
quilts because they're flat and square.
I appreciate that, but it doesn't  happen by magic.
It involves a bit of measuring and sewing that "required quarter inch seam".

Working at the quilt shop, I've seen plenty of quilts
that need a "little extra attention."
And the phrase is always, " No problem,
my machine quilter can quilt that out."
Check out this cute song, if you have time.

The machine quilters I know are sometimes literally magicians.

Whatever you choose to do this weekend,
run a 100 miles or sew on bindings,
enjoy the moment and keep
yours eyes fixed on the goal.
Until Next Time-


  1. Loved the video, good luck to "running man"!!

  2. Pretty funny, especially the line "I don't hand quilt, I quilt by check"!
    Good luck to your husband - hope the heat doesn't bother him too much!

  3. Thanks everyone for your support in Ed's endeavor, as wild as it is, that crazy "running man"