Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Ready for a wonderful summer treat?
I'm not sure where I got the recipe, but
everyone needs to try a 
Frozen Hot Chocolate.
Is that one of those oxymorons?
Like jumbo shrimp,
open secret,
seriously funny and
clearly confused?

It can be whatever, because it's super delicious.

I've tweeted the recipe a bit, but it's still low cal ( about 60 calories) and
probably still 1 Point value.

One 25-calorie packet diet hot cocoa mix (like Swiss Miss Diet )
1 or 2 no-calorie sweetener packets (like Splenda or Truvia)
1/4 cup light vanilla soymilk, (I've used nonfat milk)
1/4 cup water
1 t. sugar-free calorie free vanilla flavored syrup (by Torani)
1 tsp. sugar free chocolate syrup(by Hershey's)
1 cup crushed ice or 5 to 8 ice cubes

The recipe had you go through a lot of extra steps,but
I don't want to wait that long.
I just put everything in the blender and give it a buzz.

Pour it into a mug and
top it off with 
2T fat Free Reddi Whip, just a quick squirt.

It's a great summer treat on
these extra hot days.
Until Next Time-


  1. I printed a recipe for this a few weeks ago, but haven't made it yet. I can't wait to try it.