Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not for the Faint of Heart

Yesterday our thermometer read
96 degrees.
It was hard to stay cool no matter where you were.

My plan for the day was to sew the binding
down on my red and white tribute quilt.
 Sewing binding is not a recommended
activity in 96 degree weather,
even with air conditioning and a strategically placed fan.

I made a feeble attempt, but
was suffering a major melt down, so I had to wait until
evening and the air and my body began to cool down.

I keep all my binding supplies together in a small
cloth bag that a friend brought me from Japan.
It makes it so easy when you're ready to bind
a project to have everything together in one place.

So what do I keep in there?
My needle threader.  
I don't know how it works, but it threads my
needles perfect every time.

My needle dome.
This special needle holder can hold 30 needles
threaded ready to sew.  It saves all kinds of time
and frustration.

Binding clips
Yes, you might recognize these as little girl hair clips,
but in the quilting world they are binding clips.
I can get my binding in place before I start to sew, and
no worries about being poked with pins.

Now if only the temperature would cooperate.  I'm prepped 
and ready to get this binding done
without a nuclear meltdown.
Stay cool.
Until Next Time-

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  1. Did you try putting a fan...well nevermind that!! Hope you get lots done on your R/W quilt!