Monday, March 22, 2010

Where's the Stash?

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a picture of her "stash."  It was neatly folded and on shelves in a closet. Everything was in order and easy to find.  She hasn't been quilting too long, but her stash has been growing and she has been using it.  The term stash, it refers to fabric that has been collected.

I have been quilting since 1973.  My stash has swayed like the tides, in and out.  When we moved almost 5 years ago I did some pretty heavy duty purging. It was a good thing.  The space I have to store my treasures is much smaller than before.

At the quilt shop where I work, this is the 4th year we have offered a year long class called "Stashbusters". Anyone who has quilted for any length of time, has accumulated a "Stash".  The premise of the class is to motivate, encourage, give practical ideas and solutions to keep that "Stash" under control.  Our customers have loved it.

Want to see where I keep my stash? I have fabric stashed in about 5 different places. . . And generally, I know where everything is.

an unused closet in another bedroom

Reproduction fabrics and flannels and wool

More Reproduction, lots of double pinks
The closet and pie safe in my sewing room

Under my work table, wools and Holiday

Vintage picnic baskets hold batiks and kid stuff

I was feeling a bit frustrated with my clutter so I have faced the challenge.
I set my timer and said " GO"  I will tidy up .... and then be ready to start again.
Until Next Time-Kyle

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