Friday, March 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:

Looking Out My Window: All of the snow has melted, but it has revealed something.  Zillions and zillions of sticks from the willow tree.  Good thing I have the 3rd Annual Raking Day planned with my family!

      I’m Hearing: Nothing. The house is perfectly quiet.  Sounds good.

My Weekend Plans Include:  Heading up to Estes Park and the YMCA camp for a much needed mini retreat. I'll be gone Friday through Monday.  I can't wait.

      I’m Reading: I just started the book  Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  It's a moving story about the devastating effect  Alzheimer's Disease can have on a family.

Movie Marquee: I have the movie "Enchanted" and Ed has "Rambo, the Fight Continues"  I don't have to say  more.

      Something Quiltie: You can't live without "Jack the Ripper".  I have been unsewing a lot lately.  I'm still taking apart my antique ocean wave blocks and I had to do some unsewing on a baby quilt this week. It's good to have a sharp seam ripper handy.

I’m Thinking About: If I have gathered up everything that I will need for the weekend.  I always have grandiose plans about what I can accomplish if I am gone for a few days, away from the usual routine.

      One of My Favorite Things:  Audio books.  Most of the books  that I read are an audio book.  It works out great for me.  My hands are free to be doing something else, yet I can be listening and thinking about a story. My local library has a wonderful audio library and we are able to request books from all the libraries along the front range as well.  You can't beat that.

What I’m Planning OnA lot of R and R

      What’s For Dinner: A friend has planned to serve something wonderful  tonight.  It will be a welcomed surprise once I get up the mountain.

A Favorite Photo
 Here we are on top of Mount Vesuvius with the Bay of Naples in the background.
We hiked up the volcano, enjoyed the view and even had lunch. 2007

Until Next Time-Kyle

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