Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bliss Is a Moment With A Cupcake!

I have found that baking is good therapy.  Recently I have really been enjoying exploring the world of cupcakes.  It is so fun to bake these pretty, delicious and appetizing little cakes.  Baking cupcakes is a creative experience, looking through cookbooks, mixing the batter, and then decorating. The whole process inspires me from beginning to end.  It makes me feel good!

I certainly don't need to be eating many cupcakes, so I'm always looking for opportunities to bake and share.

This week I made " Irish Eyes are Smiling" cupcakes. I have changed the name of the cupcakes and you can find the recipe at Annie's Eats.  I do make changes for altitude baking.  We have a class at the store tomorrow and it is the perfect place to share my baking bliss.

Didn't they turn out cute.  Wish you had taste-a-vision.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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