Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Frustration

I'm glad spring is on it's way, but these season transitions just throw me. 

I stood in my closet, looking, looking, looking
There's nothing to wear that looks like spring, nothing that
can keep me warm in the morning
cooler in the daytime
and back to warm later on.

I don't really wear pastels.
Everything is just too dark
too heavy
too wintery.

Daylight savings has thrown my poor old body into confusion.
I was getting up earlier, with the sun.
Now I'm getting up later, barely with the sun.

Yes, I do like the day light sticking around longer in the evening, but
for a week or more I'll be suffering in the mornings.

But I do like the fact that I don't have to wear a coat.
I did open the patio door yesterday and the fresh air made the house smell good.
The grass has a hint of green.

falling snow
The weather is predicting snow tonight and tomorrow.
In fact, Colorado is in a winter storm advisory.
Denver could get 10 inches of snow.
Guess I'll get that coat back out!

I am having pizza and wine at my favorite pizza place tonight.
The day is saved.

Until Next Time-Kyle


  1. Snow DAY! Snow DAY! Snow DAY! Come on...chant it with me so it comes true!!

  2. Snow Day Snow Day! I hope it comes.