Friday, March 5, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today::

Looking Out My Window: A lot of snow has melted in the past couple of days.  I'm looking out  my dining room window, which face north, I can almost see the grass and patio.

     I’m Hearing: Ed is taking the day off, he asked his boss! and is happily grinding coffee beans.  In fact, that is all I can hear!

My Weekend Plans Include: Jessica is coming up from Denver and I have all kinds of fun things planned for a Mom and Daughter weekend.

     I am Reading: Cookbooks,  The Oprah Magazine Cookbook and Morgan Freeman and Friends

Movie Marquee: We are finishing up the BBC series we have been watching, Monarch of the Glen. Check it out. It's delightful. I've been getting it from the public library. Now, that's a good thing!

     Something Quiltie: One of my favorite notions is the "needle dome".  I thread that needle holder up and can sew for a long time before I have to re-thread. It saves so much time.  I'm working on some binding projects.

I Love: My digital camera.  I sure wish I had had one when the girls were little.  Families today can take such phenomenal pictures and keep shooting until they get the perfect picture.  I was always pretty stingy with a film camera. 

     What I’m Planning For: Next weekend I am going on a mini retreat.  So all next week I'm be prepping or is it primping?  In my case prepping.

What’s For Dinner: A second go round of homemade minestrone soup. 

     I Am Thinking About: the fun I had last night with my quilt group.  They are a wonderful group of women.  The goal is to focus only on the positive and let your creative self come to the surface.  Did you know that if your toe nails are painted blue it allows your creative side to blossom?

A Favorite Photo:

A Winter Sunset

Until Next Time-Kyle

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