Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:

Looking Out My Window:We have had several pairs of geese enjoying our yard this spring, along with Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.  Wish the springtime would bring babies, goslings and ducklings that is.

I’m Hearing: My favorite radio station in Michigan when I was a teenage was whatever one Dick Purtan was the DJ. on, WKNR or WXYZ or CKLW from Canada. Don't you love the internet where you can listen to any radio station from anywhere. Today is his last day as a DJ at WOMC 

My Weekend Plans Include: Maybe I should try and do a bit of spring cleaning. That may be the option unless something better comes along.  Hey, Ed just suggested that we go to Boulder on Saturday so he can look at new running shoes.  What good luck!

I’m Reading: I just started First Family by David Baldacci

Movie Marquee:  The Informant with Matt Damon.

Something Quiltie:  When I start  a new project I like to wind 4 to 5 bobbins, put in a new needle, and clean and oil my machine.  It's just the routine I have.

I’m Thinking About: Jessica and Kate will be reunited tomorrow.  Jessica begins her spring break and she and Martin are heading to Florida.

One of My Favorite Things: Is coming home from work and Ed having dinner ready.  I do the planning and do as much prep before I have to leave in the morning. When I walk in the door at 6:15 pm and dinner is just about ready, that's truly wonderful.  I love that guy! We do the opposite when I'm home. I'm sure he says "What a gal"

What I’m Planning For: Easter will be here next weekend along with the 3rd annual raking day.  

What’s For Dinner: It's a E.M. F. H. Dinner.  Every man for himself dinner.   There are plenty of leftovers from the week. 

A Favorite Photo: