Friday, March 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:

Looking Out My Window:Spring has temporarily left.  It's gray, snowy, cold, and basically very disagreeable.  Although the snow is beautiful to watch.

I’m Hearing: My girls introduced me to Pandora Radio. So this morning I have it on to brighten up the day.

My Weekend Plans Include: I have to work on Saturday morning and then, I think I will tuck myself inside.

I’m Reading: Highest Duty by Chesley Sullenburger.  Captain Sullenburger is the US Air pilot who landed his plane safely in the Hudson River, Jan 15, 2009.  It is his reflection of his life and character.  It's a wonderful book.

Movie Marquee: The Netflix Queue shows, Goodnight, Mr. Tom and The Code.

Something Quiltie: This week I made a little purse from the pattern "Snap Happy".  Fun.  The top of the bag has a piece of metal measuring tape encased and this snaps the bag shut.  Very clever. My advise is get a "good" tape measure.  If the metal is too thin, it doesn't allow the bag to "snap" shut.  I speak from experience.

I’m Thinking About: I wish I was staying home today.  

One of My Favorite Things: I love seeing a UPS truck come down the street and stop in front of my house!  Is it something for me?

What I’m Planning For: I was planning to go to Denver this weekend, but we decided it might be better to go another weekend instead.

What’s For Dinner: One of my families favorites, homemade Macaroni and Cheese.

A Favorite Photo: 
 March, 1985

Until Next Time- Kyle