Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In January, I followed along with
Lori's quilt-along, from Humble Quilts,
 making a small 
antique quilt which she has called
Pink Lemonade.

It immediately appealed to be because of the
colors, pinks, browns, chrome yellows and dark blues.  It looked
like a little turn of the century piece using the shoo fly block.

I finally got mine done.
 Kyle's Pink Lemonade
17" x 22"

I love the fact that it didn't have any borders
but parts of blocks out on the edge.

I machine pieced it and even 
took the time to hand quilt it. 
The original quilt had been tied.
It felt good to be poking my fingers once again!

It became a stashbuster's quilt.
Every fabric came from my stash.
I even pulled out some antique fabric
to incorporate into the blocks.

A friend had given me some vintage fabrics and
these old blocks had just the right pink.
The blocks were pretty cut up so
it felt like a good place to save what was left.

The fabric is very thin so I had to be careful.
But it worked up fine, even with the hand quilting.

Pink lemondade reminded me of my favorite drink last summer.

I need to get the ingredients.
It looks so good.
If you don't have this recipe, link back to my
old post.  You'll be glad you did.

Thanks Lori for your quilt-along. 
Your directions were terrific and
I love how my little quilt turned out.

Until Next Time-

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  1. I love how your quilt turned out too! I can see the lovely design on the setting squares. How fun to have used some antique fabric!!!