Friday, March 2, 2012

Fiber/ Fabric for Good Health

I think most of us try to live a healthy lifestyle, 
getting plenty of rest, do naps count?, 
enough exercise,
does that include doing the hockey pokey while holding baby Sanford? 
And of course, eating more fiber.

You can't get enough roughage.
 It helps to keep that old digestive track clear. 
Slack off in any of these areas
 and you begin to notice.

Since I retired from the quilt store 
and started caring for my grandson, 
I've noticed a change in one thing: my fabric diet!

 I haven't been keeping up with my fabric intake
 in order to maintain a sense of healthy creativity.
 I've been feeling the effects.
 I've been suffering from creative constipation. 
(can I say that on a blog?)

Last week on my way home, 
I craved the experience of walking into a quilt shop 
and getting rejuvenated. 
 So I drove to Laughing Ladies Quilting in Berthoud, Colorado.
 Believe it or not, when I walked in 
I could hear laughing coming from the back room. 
It's a delightful shop. 
  I added the perfect balance 
of Moda and Blue Hill.

This piece has all kinds of possibilities.
Cynthia's Scrap Bag by Carrie Quinn

Sprinkle in some Jo Morton, and I can feel 
the juices flowing again.
Ahh, I feel so much better.

Until Next Time-


  1. I love Laughing Ladies! A cute little shop. And that paisley fabric would make a great backing - I would almost hate to cut it up but want to see it whole in all it's loveliness (is that a word?). As to fiber, do not buy Cascadian Farms Morning Fiber (something like that) loaded with lots of good fiber but absolutely no taste and like eating cardboard. It may be good for me but I'm not sure I can eat a whole box! Happy quilting Kyle!