Monday, March 26, 2012

I Need to Be Rewired

Slowly I have been working on the
"It Just Takes Two" blocks
Let me emphasize slowly.

Lots of the blocks are designed to be done
with foundation piecing even though
many of  the blocks really could be done faster
with regular piecing, only my opinion.
But I haven't wanted to stop and figure out the measurements.

So I have had to rewire my brain to do paper piecing.

It is like the football being pulled away from Charlie Brown.
My normal becomes abnormal.
I really have to stop and think about what I'm doing.
And like always it doesn't make sense.

Sewing on the right side of the paper,

With the fabric on the wrong side of the paper,
but right sides together..

 You are basically doing your sewing unseen.

But it's coming out right on the wrong side!

No, it's really not invisible, you do see what you're doing
when you turn it over, but it does take a lot more time, at least, 
for me to do.

Granted the positive part is that you just sew on the printed lines
and your points are always perfect.

So despite the extra time sewing,
and tearing away the paper,

I can do the happy dance when I'm done.

Oh, no 
There are more blocks to do.
I'd better keep going before my Neuron Pathways
 get a kink.

Until Next Time-


  1. I know what you mean ...the brain just doesn't want to work in that direction! :( But keep at it gets better with practice but with a new block each time!


  2. what a small world. I was working on a red and white this weekend and using paper piecing, which I rarely do and I did my first one totally backward -
    I ended up okay -
    Your basket is lovely!!

  3. Paper piecing a basket block. LOL. I agree with you it would be fater for me to do it the regular way. Pretty block