Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Running Man, the Handy Man

Running Man came to Denver.
No, not by running, but he could have.
The kids had a few little projects 
that he knew he could 
help with.

Of course, Sanford wanted to help
his Grampa.

They did a little fence building.

Hauled compost for the garden.

And chopping down trees.

Here's the before.

And the after.

The TV show that's on HGTV,
Curb Appeal,
would have removed those trees too.

Now Running Man has headed back home to actually get ready for
his next race at the end of the month in North Carolina. 
That one is
equivalent to running to and from Denver!

Good job, guys!
You made quite a team.

Until Next Time- 


  1. The treeless entry looks great, and Grampa and his little helper did a good job.

  2. Wow - that was quite the job! It looks great now. And his little helper sure has grown alot - what a cutie.

  3. The house looks great! And little Sanford with Grandpa is just the cutest thing!

  4. Great job and alot of hard work....Little Sandford and Grandpa make a wonderful team!

    Carolyn :)