Monday, March 19, 2012

Pass the Pickles, Please

Recently a friend give me
a vintage relish dish.  
It's lovely.

I know I will truly enjoy it with pickles and olives.
I'll probably use it at Easter dinner.

She also reminded me that it doesn't have 
to be used just for passing the pickles.

What about repurposing it my quilt studio?
I like what I can keep on it.
My rotatory cutter or scissors fit perfectly in the 
center section. 
My constantly misplaced glasses might actually stay in one spot
and other little things can find their home in the other sections.

I've also repurposed muffin tins
 for keeping track of other small things.
I love the primitive look of the metal muffin tins.

If you haven't started following Pinterest,
it's the perfect place to see wonderful ideas 
of reusing and repurposing. Let me know if
you'd like an invite.

But in the mean time take
 a look around your cupboards and see
what treasures you've been storing away
that might have a new and better purpose.

It's good to know
a relish tray isn't just for passing the pickles.

Until Next Time-


  1. Now that's a really cute idea!

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  2. My mom always used a very old muffin tin for change when we had a garage sale. I found it in the garage when cleaning out my parent's house, and now use it in the sewing room. It is great for little bitties. Kitchen stuff in the sewing room is fun to see :)

  3. Nice friends to share such treasures with you! I love to re-purpose, but don't do it often enough.