Friday, March 9, 2012

March Show and Tell Minus the Snow

Spring appears to be right around the corner 
for many of us.
Of course, in Colorado, 
March can be one of our snowiest month.

But for now I'll enjoy the mild days and 
know that it won't be long before there'll
be plenty of yard work to keep me outdoors.

I was hoping to share a quilt or two from my collection
that might be more representative of March, like
something green, or with shamrocks.
Unfortunately, nothing fit that criteria.

My Irish connection would be with a
Double Irish Chain, a classic design.

I love the simplicity of this pattern and the striking 
graphic design that is created.

 The open area provides a wonderful spot
for some fun quilting. I love feathered wreaths
and my machine quilter, Patricia R. knew just
what I wanted.

The second quilt from my collection is a
Sawtooth Star.

I was inspired by a quilt I saw in the book,
Quilting Pieces of the Past, by Better Homes and Gardens,
175 years of inspirational quilting
and also by the Dargate fabric designed by 
Margo Krager of 
 When I was program chair of the local quilt guild,
League of Northern Colorado Quilters,
I invited Margo to come from Montana and share
her knowledge of fabric and history.

 These fabrics are representative of the time 
period of 1825 - 1860 based on an antique sample
book of fabrics, known as the Dargate Samples, that she is so fortunate to own and
use to design fabrics.

The colors and designs are bright and bold.
The alternating plain blocks was another venue for
some fun quilting.

I used a large pillar print for the backing along
with the label.
It was a wonderful project to work on to 
represent a colorful time period.

My quilts are made for my family to use and enjoy
and also to represent the history and spirit of 
women and their needlework.
I'm always delighted to sharing my passion and 
my personal work with others.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Until Next Time-


  1. Great quilts Kyle ! Of course the Irish [Double] Chain is one of my favorites, being Irish and all....and having made 13 of them for my siblings.
    Your's looks great, love the quilting too.

  2. Both of your quilts are beautiful. I'm really fond of Irish Chains - particularly this one!

  3. Beautiful quilts! The irish chain is beautiful, as is the quilting.
    Love the stars too - wonderful prints - the pillar backing is great!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing these - wonderful. I love the simple star quilt - always one of my favorite blocks.
    Happy spring!

  5. I love your quilt shows! Such beautiful quilts!