Monday, September 19, 2011

A Stand Up Job

I was trying to think of jobs that are difficult 
to do standing up.

An airline pilot,
a manicurist,
a bobsled racer,
and a tennis ump.

But what about someone using a sewing machine?
Is it a sit down job or can it be done standing up?

My actual sewing area is pretty small and I don't have 
space for a design wall.
So when I get to the point where I need to start sewing
blocks together, I usually retreat to the dining room
table and use the floor as my design wall.

It does require more bending over to retrieve pieces,
but I figure that's good exercise.

This is a new pattern that I've been working on for the store.
It's by Primitive Gatherings and Lisa Bongean
and the fabric line is called "Little Gatherings".
The yummy chocolate browns, pie crust lights and
licorice black prints are truly charming.

Here's a close-up of the 44 star blocks and
the 37 half square triangle blocks on my design floor.

The quilt is about a 55 inch square with borders.

I would define this quilt as more a slow cuisine quilt.
It took a lot more time, but is really a sweet quilt.

So back to my original question.
Can you do a "Stand Up Job" with your sewing machine?
 Why yes you can.
I do it all the time
Until Next Time-


  1. Love the quilt, the fabric is great!

  2. I took a class from Hari Walner a few years ago and she said she does all her machine quilting on her domestic machine standing up, has it on a tall table so she doesn't have to bend over. Love your quilt, btw. Rinda

  3. Beautiful quilt! And you look pretty spiffy doing your stand up job!

  4. Lovely quilt---I can do it too----standing that is---but I would rather be sitting----cute post!

    Carolyn :)