Friday, September 23, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet?

My "cute" brown and black quilt has been quite 
the challenge.

I think because I've been  working under
a time crunch.

When one of my quilt samples is hanging up at the store,
I try to be very exact.
Customers love to scrutinize other people's work,
usually in a positive manner, but not always.

I started machine quilting yesterday 
after Jack and I  got all my piecing corrected.

I appreciated everyone encouragement regarding that 
"little issue".

If you apply the 3 foot rule, it doesn't look too bad, even 
pretty good. 
The key for me is to use the same color thread as the fabric so
it hides all the flaws.
It just when there's a slight difference between fabric 
and thread that my wobbles become
more apparent.

Wait a minute. 
Quilting is suppose to be fun.

Time to  crank up some music, opened a Mountain Dew and 
say" Are we having fun yet?"

The answer: "You bet."

The good news is that my machine had no tension issues.
I figure it was sensing mine.
Until Next Time-


  1. And it really is such a beautiful quilt!

  2. Beautiful ---thanks for sharing your lovely work!! Carolyn :)

  3. Kyle - you do great! And it is fun - most of the time :). And it can be a struggle but when you've conquered the struggle you get a gold star. I wonder if 100 years ago when the women were piecing by hand and quilting by hand if they truly worried about perfection or if it was more about what was in their heart as they were making it. Maybe we've just gone too far in the other direction and need to go back to the why, the who and the love of just creating. I look forward to seeing it in the store!