Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Share the Warmth

One of the quilt blogs that I read regularly
Victoria Findlay Wolfe whose blog is
Victoria has put a call out for donation quilts.  
They are for 
homeless families in NYC.

Have you felt the coolness of fall?
I have.
I've even pulled the quilt up from the bottom of the bed last night.
It felt good.

Maybe I could send a couple of quilts
to the Basics Quilt Drive and help out.

I chose two quilts that met the requirements and
will send them off to some kiddos that might
like to enjoy the warmth of a homemade quilt.
This quilt was made quite a while ago, but never used.
"Bunny Hop"
It's a Debbie Mumm pattern.
And I think some little person will like it.

This flannel quilt was also made a while ago. 
 "Prairie Point Pinwheels"
Maybe I was 
saving it for just the right occasion.

I've packed them both in a box and have them
ready to send.

Look around your quilt collection 
and check out Victoria's blog for more information.
It will warm my heart 
knowing some else will be warm because of me.
"Share the warmth"
Until Next Time-

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