Monday, September 12, 2011

September Quilts

The calendar says it's September,
and I'm ready to put on a pair of socks and a sweatshirt.
I certainly have added a quilt to the bed.

I looked through my quilt closet and 
decided September's weather is so diverse, hot or cold,
 I'd show you a little of my diversity as a quilter.

When I started quilting there were very few references available.
One of the first books I used was
The Mountain Artisans Quilting Book by
Alfred Allan Lewis.

It was published in 1973 as a contemporary twist on the
old "craft" of quilting.
Some of the suggestions were
making this or
making this.
Maybe the horse was just a prop and the quilt
wasn't really intended  as a horse blanket.
Let's hope.

"Appliqued Animals"
It was my first needle turn applique and
hand quilting project.
I quilted it in a half inch grid.

"a kangaroo"

At this time the fabric industry was more keen on
polyesters and cotton poly blends.
There were very few 100% cottons available, other
than bandanas!

My animals must have be made with poly blends.
They remain bright and weird.
While the sashing and backing which was a cotton
has changed dramatically. 

Look how fugitive the blue was.
The years have turned the front to a greenish gray
compared to the backing and that's turning as well.

The second quilt is from the book
Higdon Camp-1924
by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.

"A Furled Flag Plus 4 Friends"

This quilt was made during my "plaid period".
I still love it.
The best part of this project was the fact that I was making
it simultaneously with a couple of my friends.
I love collecting and choosing just the right fabrics in a scrappy quilt.

The more plaids the better.

This last quilt was
from the book
Be Cre8ive with Lizzie B
by Liz and BethHawkins.

I was stepping out of my normal comfort zone.

"Fleur Rug"
Yes, it's suppose to be a rug.

The fuzzy edges are done with raw edged applique 
and adds a soft touch.
I used batiks and they don't fray much, but
it was a fun project to try.

Isn't that what it's all about anyway,
trying new things, experimenting with 
new techniques and styles.

In just a few short years
I went from my applique animals made 
with poly cotton blends,
folk art flags and flowers made with woven flannel plaids 
to batik flower rugs.

And the best part is that
the journey keeps on going.

Until Next Time-


  1. It's fun to look back with you at your quilts.

  2. What a fun historical sweep! And Good Lord, that dress!

  3. When are you going to make that dress? It would be great Fig Leaf attire!

  4. Love the post and a great walk through the years.

  5. Kyle, I love the Furled Flag . I would love to make it. can you direct me to the pattern source.

  6. I love the Higdon Camp Quilt. I have been looking for the pattern for a couple of years and can't find it for sale. Will you sale a copy o f it?
    Thanks for any Help,