Friday, September 16, 2011

A Recipe Recommendation

When my girls lived at home,
one of our favorite meals was macaroni and cheese.
Not the kind from the blue box,
But homemade.

I'd make a roux, add milk and plenty of cheddar cheese.
I was never allowed to deviate from the original recipe.

In the latest copy of Cooking Light there is a recipe

They squashed out half the calories and fats.
It was really cheesy and sneaks in some nutty
butternut squash.
It's a great replacement
for the rich cheddary original.  
I'd really recommend it.

The other wonderful recipe 
in the same issue was a layered brownie,
Photo from Cooking Light

Oh, my, they were delicious.
Just in case you need a little indulgence.
I love the taste of chocolate, a little salt and
the caramel,
a perfect trio.

If you need some dinner inspiration,
try these from Cooking Light, Sept, 2011.
It will help to make a perfect weekend.
Until Next Time-


  1. sounds yummy, going to get the magazine! and some groceries!

  2. No need to buy the magazine. Just follow the link and the recipe is posted on Cooking Lights web site.